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Lee Jones, Earl Moore, Finley Grise

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School of Teacher Education

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Master of Arts


The purpose of this study is to deal with the undesirable conditions of the county which could be corrected. Why should there be three high schools in the eastern half of the county and none in the western half of the county? Why should one-room schools exist with an average daily attendance of less than ten when the same school could be consolidated with other schools without causing any child to walk more than two miles? Why should there be 225 children in Meade County eligible for high school who are not attending school at any place? Why should the elementary teachers of the county work for an average salary of fifty-six dollars per month when an organization could be worked out that would be more efficient for the children and would increase the salary of the average elementary teacher thirty-five per cent? These are some of the problems which should have the consideration of the thinking people of Meade County who want to make their schools more efficient.


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