Publication Date

Fall 1977

Advisor(s) - Committee Chair

Grace Calloway, Eugene Harryman, Robert Melville

Degree Program

School of Teacher Education

Degree Type

Education Specialist


Based on the need for a food manual for the introductory food course at Western Kentucky University, several .manuals from other sources were reviewed. None was found which met the need. the Food Science course, so it was decided that a manual would be developed at Western.

The purpose of the manual was to incorporate experiences which could meet the needs of any student taking the course either as an elective or as a program requirement. Since there is only one introductory course to serve all students who are interested in learning basic food preparation skills, such a manual was deemed a necessity by the faculty in the food area.

The development of the manual became a Specialist Degree project for the author, who had been assigned the responsibility of teaching the introductory food course. This project report explains fully the procedures followed in developing the manual according to the unique conditions which prevail when one course must serve a body of students with widely diverse needs.

Although the project was limited in scope to the development of the manual, it was recognized that such a teaching resource does not and should not remain static. In light of this a suggested procedure for continuous evaluation and revision was included, along with a tentative time table for the first evaluation cycle.


Education | Family and Consumer Sciences