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Joe Winstead, Kenneth Nicely, Herbert Shadowen

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Department of Biology

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Master of Science


The structure and composition of a 52 hectare mature mesic hardwood forest in Boone County, Kentucky was studied during 1973-74. Acer saccharum was the dominant tree species of the entire forest, with Fraxinus americana as the subdominant. In the understory vegetation, Acer and Fraxinus were among the dominant genera, thus this forest system can be described as being at the climax stage of development. A previously cleared area in the forest was also analyzed. It was found that the dominant tree species of the canopy were also dominant in the genera of the understory in the disturbed area, indicating a return to the stable maple-ash system of the entire forest. During the Spring of 1274, tornados moved across Boone County; one of these tornados damaged the forest that was under study. The effects of this wind storm were included in the collection of data. Tornado damage was not limited to any snecific species an.: in this study there was no apparent relationship beween root depth and soli type among uprooted trees.


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