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Advisor(s) - Committee Chair

Wayne Ashley, Richard Greer, Carl Kriesler

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Department of Educational Administration, Leadership and Research

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Education Specialist


Three-hundred ten non-returning and two-hundred nineteen returning Western Kentucky University freshmen were surveyed regarding contact with academic advisors, availability of advisors, and quality of advisement, as well as awareness, use of, and value of selected student personnel services.

One-hundred eighteen (53%) returning and one-hundred fifteen (37%) non-returning students responded.

Returning and non -returning students differed significantly regarding number of contacts with advisor and perceptions of advisor availability. Returners reported more contacts with their advisor than did non-returners ,and returners were more likely to find their adivisor readily available than non-returners.

More non-returners used counseling services and developmental studies while returners used the recreational facilities more.

Returning students evidenced higher levels of social support. They reported being associated with a close-knit group of friends, being in clubs or organizations, living on campus and perceiving their instructors as being personally interested in them as individuals.


Academic Advising | Education | Educational Administration and Supervision | Higher Education Administration | Student Counseling and Personnel Services