Publication Date


Advisor(s) - Committee Chair

Kenneth Clarke, Lynwood Montell, Albert Petersen

Degree Program

Department of Folk Studies and Anthropology

Degree Type

Master of Arts


In order to remedy the shortcomings of past log structure documentation efforts, six proficiencies were established as necessary for the folklorist: (1) knowledge of, and use of, aerial photographs and topographic maps, (2) familiarity with usage of the compass, steel measuring tape and alidade, (3) accuracy in building measurement techniques, (4) the ability to competently compile a field notebook using standardized architectural notation, (5) operation of the camera as a recording tool, and (6) the production of measured drawings using the techniques specified by the Historic American Buildings Survey. The Rigsby House, a log structure in Warren County, Kentucky, served as a case study documentation, Providing the folklorist with a demonstration of techniques adaptable to his own documentation problem. Relevant comments on the difficulties inherent in recording structures constructed of wooden timbers were interjected as necessary throughout the text. Emphasis was placed on proficiencies three, four, and six, with more limited discussion of the remaining skills. Thirty-five illustrations were broken down into one perspective photograph, one aerial photograph, one partial elevation photograph, one topographic map, one plot plan, seventeen field notebook entries, twelve measured drawings, and one ion structure terminology drawing.


Anthropology | Architecture | Folklore | Historic Preservation and Conservation | Social and Behavioral Sciences | Social and Cultural Anthropology