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Advisor(s) - Committee Chair

John O'Connor, Carley Dodd, Randall Capps, John Henrick

Degree Program

Department of Communication

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Master of Arts


The purpose of the present study was to examine organizational practices related to exit interviewing techniques. Prior research has neglected the study of the variables which cause the use of the exit interview to fluctuate, focusing rather on the study of the validity and format of the exit interview. The present study, by means of a questionnaire, cross-tabulated certain independent variables with the dependent variables contained in the questionnaire and found that at least three independent variables significantly affected use of the interview: (1) the size of the company (2) unionization of the company and (3) the annual turnover rate of the company. These findings were then interpreted in light of present theory, and the researcher suggested some directions for future investigations. The present study concluded that rather than prescribing use of the exit interview based upon prior research, utilization of the exit interview varied in relation to the independent variables which impinge upon the situation.


Business | Communication | Human Resources Management | Organizational Communication | Social and Behavioral Sciences