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Martin Houston, Larry Elliott, Lewis Lockwood

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Department of Biology

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Master of Science


The nutritional conditions which permit maximum yield of trans-2,3- epoxysuccinic acid by Paecilomyces varioti NPRL 1123 were investigated. Copper and iron ions were added to decationized fermentation media to determine the optimum concentration and ratio of the ions for the accumulation of trans-2,3-epoxysuccinic arid. P-vitamin and amino acid studies were done by single omission of the growth factors in culture media. Organic acids in the cultures were recovered by ether extraction and identified by gas chromatography.

In addition to t-ans-2,3-epoxysuccinic acid, succinic acid, malic acid, and tartaric acid were also found in culture filtrates. The results indicated that with a copper-iron ion ratio and concentration of 1 mM:2 mM, there was a maximum yield of trans-2,3-epoxysuccinic acid while the growth of the fungus was slightly inhibited. Deficiencies in biotin, thiamine, glutamic acic, cystine, aspartic acid, or histidine had marked effects on the production of trans-2,3-epoxvsuccinic acid but not on fungal growth.


Biology | Life Sciences

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