Publication Date


Advisor(s) - Committee Chair

Lynwood Montell, Burt Feintuch

Degree Program

Department of Folk Studies and Anthropology

Degree Type

Master of Arts


Transcribed naridtives from the community of Nobob (Barren County), Kentucky, and its surroundings. The narratives were tape recorded between October, 1977 and November, 1978. Interpretation is offered in the form of an introduction, which includes a brief history of the area and a discussion of genre and annotations to the narratives. Annotations make use of standard bibliographical reference works and archival sources available at Western Kentucky University.

The narratives are divided into legend, tale, and personal experience stories. A number of the narratives refer specifically to the Great Depression. The collection seeks to particularly demonstrate the presence of valuable historical data concerning details of everyday life and the fluidity and complexity of genre in traditional narrative.


Anthropology | Arts and Humanities | Folklore | History | Oral History | Social and Behavioral Sciences