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Robert Farina, John Riley, Norman Holy

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Department of Chemistry

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Master of Science


There have been several studies made on the effects of various central metal ions on the aggregation of tetrasulfonated Phthalocyanine dye complexes in aqueous solution, but there have been no studies made on the aggregation of the nickel(II)-4, 4', 4", 4'"-tetrasulfoohthalocyanine (NiII-TSPC) complex. Therefore, a study of the effects of nickel(II) on the aggregation of its aqueous tetrasulfonated Phthalocyanine dye complex was Proposed so that a comparison might be made with nrevious studies of central metal ion effects. It was found, however, that NiII-TSPC gives a much higher degree of aggregation in water than the metal complexes Previously studied and that common equilibria were absent in the concentration range of 1.0 x 10-3 to 1.0 x 10-7 M. The spectra indicated the presence of a single species in this concentration range. Therefore, a comparison of the effects of nickel (IT) on the aggregation of tetrasulfonhthalocyanines in aqueous solutions could not be made with analogous dye systems examined previously using other transition metals.

A study of the literature revealed that there have been no studies made on the effects of a pure organic solvent on the aggregation of transition metal complexes of tetrasulfonhthalocyanine dyes. Therefore, this study was made to determine such solvent effects on the NiII-TSPC complex.


Chemistry | Physical Sciences and Mathematics

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