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Department of Counseling and Student Affairs

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Education Specialist


A selected sample of classroom teachers from the Jefferson County, Kentucky, school system, some of whom were also certified counselors, were surveyed to determine the extent to which they participated in certain teacher-pupil relationship activities.

From the survey, it was determined (1) that of the teachers surveyed those with counselor certification participated in seventy-seven percent of these selected activities; (2) that those surveyed classroom teachers that do not have counselor certification also participated in these activities although generally to a lesser extent than those with certification; (3) that both teachers without and those with counselor certification felt that a master's degree program in guidance was to be preferred over others, and (4) that more members of both groups felt that too much of the school counselor's time was occupied with non-guidance activities, such as paperwork, scheduling, and disciplinary duties. Both groups also felt that too little time was spent by the school counselor in actual guidance activities. Additional studies were recommended.


Education | Student Counseling and Personnel Services