Publication Date


Advisor(s) - Committee Chair

Elizabeth Jones, John Bruni, Vicki Stayton

Degree Program

Department of Psychology

Degree Type

Education Specialist


The researcher examined the relationship between the motor scales of the Learning Accomplishment Profile-Diagnostic Revised Edition (LAP-D) and the Developmental Indicators for the Assessment of Learning-Revised (DIAL-R) motor scales. Specifically, the strength of the relationship and the consistency of identification between the motor scales of these two measures were examined. The sample consisted of 29 children ages 38-67 months selected from the LAP-D normative sample which was stratified for gender and race. Children were administered tests in random order. The study results revealed the following: 1) the LAPD and DIAL-R motor scales were significantly and positively correlated; 2) LAP-D and DIAL-R had a high agreement rate with regard to identification of motor status; and 3) LAP-D results were more consistent with the criterion measure (VVPPSI-R) than the DIAL -R results. Results were discussed relative to internal and external validity of the study and practical utility of the instruments.


Child Psychology | Psychology | School Psychology | Social and Behavioral Sciences