Publication Date


Advisor(s) - Committee Chair

Emmett Burkeen, Delbert Hayden, DeWayne Mitchell

Degree Program

Department of Educational Administration, Leadership and Research

Degree Type

Education Specialist


This historical survey was undertaken to investigate certain adjustment problems faced by parsonage families, ordering the available information into precise and functional categories of non-adjustment and then making recommendations based on the categories. Published literature, previous research, and personal observations were the sources used. The categories were: adjustment problems in the areas of identity, stress, support, and residential mobility. General recommendations resulting from the survey conclusions for the whole church included: an area director of pastoral rare and counseling, provisions for psychotherapy for pastoral families, conference retreats, district committees of pastoral care and counseling, sabbaticals, and psychotherapy for bishops and district superintendents. Local church recommendations included: Pastor-Parish Relations Committee meetings with pastor's spouse, sub-district workshops on special subjects, a district "hot-line" for those seeking help, marriage growth experiences, a district committee on the parsonage family, and contact with ex-spouses of clergy.


Counseling | Counselor Education | Education | Social and Behavioral Sciences