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John Stencel, Laurence Boucher, Lowell Shank, Gordon Wilson Jr.

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Department of Chemistry

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Master of Science


The technique of x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) has been applied to characterize iron-manganese catalysts used in Fischer-Tropsch synthesis. The catalysts, which vary in composition from 10 FE/90 Mn, to 50 Fe/50 Mn are analyzed after being placed in a slurry reactor and having synthesis gas reacted over them. Changes, in catalyst composition are investigated further using in situ techniques. Additionally, 20 Fe/80 Mn catalysts containing potassium in the range of 0.1 wt.% to 1.3 wt.% are analyzed in the same manner. These studies have permitted the identification of some of the factors influencing activation and deactivation, product selectivity, and surface speciation.


Chemistry | Physical Sciences and Mathematics

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Chemistry Commons