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Advisor(s) - Committee Chair

L.Y. Lancaster, Lee Jones, Finley Grise

Degree Program

Department of Biology

Degree Type

Master of Arts


An ecological study of the invertebrate animal forms exclusive of microscopic forms found in the waters of Drakes Creek in Warren County, Kentucky, was undertaken for the purpose of determining both the nature and amount of invertebrate animal life found in these waters. The Kentucky Fish and Game Commission has made several plantings of game fish in the waters studied. However, the fishermen report no appreciable increase of the fish life in these waters. In view of the failure of the fish to propagate properly in these waters, and because the other physical factors appeared favorable for the propagation of game fish, it was believed that food might be a limiting factor in the propagation of fishes in these waters. An ecological study was therefore made of the invertebrate animal forms exclusive of microscopic animals found in these waters at different depths and under different physical conditions.

No ecological studies seem to have been made of the waters of Drakes Creek. In addition to the above stated objective, it therefore seemed desirable to make a general study of the animal forms exclusive of microscopic forms independent of the problem of food supply for game fish.


Biology | Life Sciences | Marine Biology