Publication Date

Spring 2018

Advisor(s) - Committee Chair

Mark Doggett (Director), Daniel Jackson, and Shahnaz Aly

Degree Program

School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Degree Type

Master of Science


The study improved the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) of machines and processes through the implementation of a total productive maintenance (TPM) approach at Company S over a three-month period. By comparing the OEE of equipment before and after the implementation of autonomous maintenance, this study concluded that autonomous maintenance improves OEE. The target of this study was one general product line at a polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) plant. Due to time limitations, the study only applied autonomous maintenance to operational activities. This research involved machine and processes selection, condition assessment, baseline OEE assessment, operator training, execution of autonomous maintenance, and OEE measurement. The approach was based on the steps of autonomous maintenance but was simplified for the conditions of the plant.


Engineering | Industrial Engineering | Operational Research | Systems and Communications