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DeWayne Mitchell, Carll Kreisler, Emmett Burkeen

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Department of Counseling and Student Affairs

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Education Specialist


There is considerable evidence indicating great interest on the part of school counselors in the use of group procedures, but their reactions are mixed as to the effectiveness of such procedures. One reason for these mixed feelings is that many counselors question whether the group approach is a natural and appropriate way of being helpful to young people.

This study was made in an effort to measure the effect of group guidance activities upon the attitudes of certain selected middle school students. A planned group guidance program was initiated. Eighth grade students were divided into a control group (N=56) and into an experimental group (N=53). The experimental group met three times weekly in 47 minute sessions for ten weeks in the group guidance program. The control group was not involved in the group guidance unit. The group guidance program was coordinated with an Ehglish unit involving career education.

Pre -testing and post-testing of both groups' attitudes toward school, self, and family were conducted and the differences were analyzed statistically. The experimental group approached significant positive change in relation of attitude toward school and self. There was some positive but not significant change in the feelings toward the family.

As a side effect to the study some of the students who were involved in the experimental group appeared to have developed a better sense of self-respect and confidence. As result they began and activity. Many also improved their changes in students to take more interest n class discussion of the students in the exploratory group classroom work and study habits. Such tend to be desirable since their academic productivity is enhanced.

The program described here can serve as a basis for a group guidance and career education unit at the middle school level.


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