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Louis Beck, Craig Taylor, Fuad Baali

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Department of Sociology

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Master of Arts


Theoretical advancement in sociology is contingent upon an understanding of the cognitive framework of these who hope to convey an explanation of social phenomena. Throughout much of the history of sociology, disagreement as to how one should approach social theory has existed; the most marked difference being that between adherents of positivism and Those who, following Max Veber, attempt to view social reality through the subjective orientations of the individual or group. Speaking of the complicated and detailed classifications of modern sociological theories, one inveterate critic of sociology says that "this multifariousness of classifications denotes a rather chaotic situation, but this is quite natural and not reprehensible at all." However in this thesis, the question of how and why these diverse approaches exist will be considered as a theoretical problem in itself.


Social and Behavioral Sciences | Sociology

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Sociology Commons