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Joe Winstead, Alan Yungbluth, Kenneth Nicely

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Department of Biology

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Master of Science


A large degree of variation in fiber tracheid length, wood specific gravity, and time of apical bud formation existed within two populations of Liquidambar styraciflua L. from south central Kentucky. The variation exhibited by these populations may be attributed to the self-sterility of Liquidambar and the variable environment of south central Kentucky.

Variation of fiber tracheid length and wood specific gravity within the two populations was significant. Fiber tracheid length was dependent on temperature and photoperiod while wood specific gravity was primarily dependent on temperature. A significant level of variation was also evident between the two populations regarding tracheid length.

Phenologically the populations shod a very large amount of variation in the total number of hours darkness required for bud formation. A pattern of decreasing photoperiods resulting in a decrease in the total number of hours darkness required for bud formation is also suggested. Limited studies revealed a period of cold temperature is required for bud bursting.


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