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Arndt Stickles, Lee Jones, Finley Grise

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Department of History

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Master of Arts


It is the purpose of this study to investigate the origin and development of our present county government and to give the essentials of the present status. It is intended to present a brief outline history of the growth and changes in the administrative organization of the county from the days of the shire and the Norman Invasion of England to the reign of the Stuarts; and then to transplant that form of local government into the forested wastes of James River, and there watch it adapt itself to the frontier environment of a new world. In the process of adaption it brought forth a new form of government just about the time its people surged across the mountain wall. The changes resulting from the new type of national government and the reactions expressed in local government legislation, as different economic and social factors played upon the early Kentuckians, will be noted briefly as the author brings the study to the present time.


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