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L.R. Little, Willson Wood

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Department of English

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Master of Arts


This study may be considered an exercise in graphemic analysis. It proceeds from the point of view that writing is an independent manifestation of language. As such, the writing system of a language may be subject to a descriptive analysis based upon methods similar to those used in the analysis of spoken language systems. The purpose of such a description is to determine the distinctive and non -distinctive elements of the system.

Chapter V of this study is a graphemic analysis of one section of the Parker Manuscript. This analysis is based upon the principles discussed in Chapter II and follows the specific criteria presented in Chapter IV. Since the writing system of the text is an alphabetic one, Chapter VI indicates, to a limited extent, the relationship or fit of the writing system with the Late West Saxon dialect of Old English, of which the Parker Manuscript is a specimen.


Arts and Humanities | English Language and Literature | Literature in English, British Isles