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William McMahon, Frank Steele, Will Fridy

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Department of English

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Master of Arts


This study will deal with such existential elements in Stevens' poetry. The poetry will be treated in three main divisions: the early period of Harmonium (1923); the middle period of The Man With the Blue Guitar (1936), Ideas of Order (1937), and Parts of a World (1942); and the late period of Transport to Summer (1947) and Auroras of Autumn (1950). Two introductory chapters will precede the actual study of the poetry; one is a chapter on existentialism as it is expounded by Sartre and Camus, and the other is a description of the existential bias in Stevens' mind, in terms of the ideas of Sartre and Camus. A brief conclusion will summarize the discoveries made about Stevens as an existential poet.


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