Publication Date

Spring 1981

Advisor(s) - Committee Chair

Dorine Geeslin, Donald Ritter, Edward Counts

Degree Program

School of Teacher Education

Degree Type

Education Specialist


Questionnaires containing the names of ten books, two series, and spaces for titles to be written in were distributed to 482 fifth-grade pupils to obtain data on the following questions: Are trade books that were popular with fifth-grade pupils a generation or more ago maintaining their popularity: Which new titles of children's books have emerged and gained popularity? Are selected series books popular with today's fifth-graders? To what extent do reading interests of boys and girls differ at the fifth-grade level? Interest scores were computed on all titles rated by as many as ten subjects Only King of the Wind and Wonderful Wizard of Oz, from the list of books popular twenty-five years ago, were popular with the subjects surveyed today. Of the books written in and rated, The Mouse and the Motorcycle received the highest score. The Hardy Boys series met the standard of the study, with the score of the Nancy Drew series being only slightly below. Only King of the Wind of the predetermined books was popular with both boys and girls. There were no books written in and rated by ten boys and ten girls.


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