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Herbert Shadowen, Larry Gleason, Joe Winstead

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Department of Biology

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Master of Science


The effects of feed contamination by droppings of starlings (Sturnis vulgaris) on certain growth parameters in swine (Sus scrofa) were measured from January 25 to March 1, 1979 at the Western Kentucky University farm. Weight gain, feed-conversion efficiency and feed rejection by swine fed varying levels of contaminated feed were analyzed and found to be non-significant at the fecal concentrations used.

Laboratory mice (Mus musculus) were fed varying concentrations of starling feces in standard mouse chow; weight gain, feed-conversion efficiency and feed rejection were measured. At 0%, 10%, 25% and 50% concentrations, significant differences in weight gains at the 0.1 confidence level were found. There were no other significant differences. Caloric values of each concentration of feces in feed were also determined.


Biology | Life Sciences

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