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Advisor(s) - Committee Chair

George Moore, Curtis Logsdon, N.F. Six

Degree Program

Department of Physics and Astronomy

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Master of Science


In microwave power triodes the grid drive power causes grid lateral wire heating. This development calculates the temperature of the wire as a function of the drive power, physical dimensions and characteristics of the wire material, for the following boundary conditions:

I. Constant grid drive, grid lateral wire of infinite length not connected to a heat sink.

II. Same as I except the wire is of finite length brazed to a grid frame.

III. The grid excitation in the form of pulses, and the grid lateral wire of finite length brazed to a grid frame.

the equations were verified experimentally by calculating the temperature of a rod whose surface was heated in a vacuum and the temperature measured. The equations were also used to estimate the grid drive power necessary to melt tungsten lateral wire in a microwave power triode, GE18651. The repeated use of LaPlace and Fourier transforms. the Dirac impulse function and convolution integral are the principal mathematical tools used to solve the conduction equations.


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