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Advisor(s) - Committee Chair

James Bennett, Lowell Harrison, F.H. Thompson

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Department of History

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Master of Arts


The legitimate theater, vaudeville, and burlesque presentations that composed the 1918-1919 theatrical season in Cincinnati, Ohio, were investigated. In order to understand the business practices that brought performers and productions to the Queen City, a study of the various entertainment circuits and the power brokers who controlled them was included. Cincinnati and its climate for professional entertainment in 1918-1919 also warranted attention. Such items as the theaters that housed the entertainment, the transportation systems that brought patrons to the entertainment, and the competition that rivaled the entertainment were probed so hat the foundations of the 1918-1919 season might he understood. A week h.N. week account of the season revealed the caliber of talent and quality of shows that stopped in Cincinnati. It demonstrated the kind of comedy, dancing, drama, and music that was enjoyed by Cincinnatians. Furthermore, the impact of such diverse occurrences as war, peace, labor difficulties, and health disorders was duly recorded.


Arts and Humanities | History | Social History | Theatre and Performance Studies | Theatre History | United States History