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Lois Layne, Dorsey Grice, David Shiek

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Department of Psychology

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Master of Arts


The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship between father-absence and anxiety levels in male cohere students (N=59). A questionnaire was utilized to identify father-absence and four variables associated with father-absence: type or reason for father's absence, length of absence, age of onset, and availability of a father surrogate. Levels of anxiety were defined by scores on the Taylor Manifest Anxiety Scale (AS). A t test comparison of the MAS means of the father-absent students and the MAS means of a father-present control group was not significant. Chi square analyses of M1-3 scores in the father-absence group failed to find significant differences in anxiety according to type, length, age of onset, and availability of a father surrogate. These results are discussed in comparison with other recent studies on this topic and possible explanations of discrepancies are offered.


Psychology | Social and Behavioral Sciences

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Psychology Commons