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Lee Jones, Finley Grise


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School of Teacher Education

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Master of Arts


This study shows that the school census is dropping rapidly in rural areas. It must be remembered that with the introduction of more labor saving farm machinery and the consolidation of small farms that the end is not in sight.

A greater percentage of children are enrolled in our schools. The percentage of attendance is higher and will continue to slowly improve. As consolidation of small schools progresses, school plants and physical equipment will improve.

Over one-half of the children in average daily attendance are transported. Percentage of enrollment and percentage of attendance are much better in the transported group.

The average number of college hours of teachers is less but a greater number have degrees. More children are taught by teachers of more training and experience.

More teachers use modern teaching aids and devices than those a decade ago.

Illiteracy of parents is less due to compulsory school attendance, increased subscription to newspapers and the almost universal presence of radios in the homes.

Administration of our schools is not all corrupt; teachers are not all incompetent; children are being taught the same things by newer and improved methods and our school systems are doing excellent jobs despite many difficulties.


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