Publication Date

Summer 2018

Advisor(s) - Committee Chair

Tom Hunley (Director), Rebbecca Brown, and Mary Ellen Miller

Degree Program

Department of English

Degree Type

Master of Fine Arts


Literature is a deeply personal and interpersonal act from the author to the reader. In some way the author is attempting to capture their interpretation of space and time inside the vehicle of language. Through metaphor and enjambment, syntax and imagery, this thesis attempts to render the contemporary experience of the artist as he is grounded in location and interpretation. The lens used in inspecting the world is biological and philosophical, seeking and hiding from the truth.

Nature and science are used as linking languages in the collections of poems, seeking to be united with emotion based in the bedrock of Kentucky. Poetry is ephemeral in its brevity, but concrete in the impressions it can leave with the reader. The author has attempted to render the facts as he observed them in language which is specifically universal. No one else could have participated in the experiment of research, but all are welcome to share in the observations.

Kentucky is the pivotal element in this research. Experimentation was made with other locations, but the sense of place that can only be found in these hills provides the fertilizer for the elements of literary art to flourish. The author seeks to enrich the landscape that has created him, and to provide a snapshot of this land and its people.


Biodiversity | Fine Arts | Other Plant Sciences | Poetry