Publication Date

Summer 2019

Advisor(s) - Committee Chair

David Bell, Tom Hunley, Kelly Reames

Degree Program

Department of English

Degree Type

Master of Fine Arts


The Sad Kitchen, a work of magical realism, tells the story of a saintly woman named Helen. She opens an underground kitchen where people who feel guilty can come to be comforted and nurtured in the middle of the night. The story is, at its heart, a reflection on forgiveness. Song of Neon, also of the magical realist genre, is an existential work about a nurse named Avery and her husband, an owl house maker, named Saul. Their town, Milliard, is under a trance. Avery and Saul struggle with their respective identities in the quiet, vacuum the town has become.


American Literature | Catholic Studies | Creative Writing | Fiction | Fine Arts