Publication Date

Fall 2019

Advisor(s) - Committee Chair

Dr. Mark Doggett, Dr. Fatemeh Orooji, and Dr. Asghar Rezasoltani

Degree Program

School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Degree Type

Master of Science


Daicel Safety Systems Americas, INC has traditionally utilized various methods to manage project completions including the Critical Path Method (CPM). Though these methods have led to successful project completions, they often come with adverse effects. Due to the amount of literature and advancement in the project management discipline, alternative options such as Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) have gained popularity. CCPM seeks to perfect the CPM approach by recognizing resource constraints and the critical chains dependency on them while safeguarding completion dates with buffers. CCPM offers project managers an option to remove resource inefficiency and stalling while meeting deadlines.

The goal of the thesis was to address the validity of CCPM to complete a Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) for a product line addition. The submission was timely due to risk management purposes and manufacturing flexibility. Because of past project history with CPM and the need to advance into a more reliable method, the results of the CCPM approach were heavily analyzed. The project outcome indicated that CCPM offers a viable solution to timely target schedule completions.


Business Administration, Management, and Operations | Management Sciences and Quantitative Methods | Organizational Behavior and Theory