Publication Date

Spring 2020

Advisor(s) - Committee Chair

Sarah Ochs (Director), Carl Myers, and Kristy Cartwright

Degree Program

Department of Psychology

Degree Type

Specialist in Education


In recent years, paper-and-pencil screenings have, to a degree, given way to computer adaptive tests as a more effective way to screen students, though some measures lack research in regards to their utility. The utility of Star Early Literacy (SEL) for predicting future state test performance was examined by analyzing student performance on SEL and student performance on state testing two years later. The following research questions were examined: What is the relationship among first grade SEL scores and performance on the third grade reading state test? What is the diagnostic accuracy of SEL for predicting reading state test performance two years later? Results indicated that while SEL scores are moderately correlated with state reading test scores, accuracy is only fair. Implications of these findings and future directions on this topic of research are further discussed.


Child Psychology | Educational Psychology | Language and Literacy Education | School Psychology