Publication Date

Spring 2020

Advisor(s) - Committee Chair

Jason Crandall (Director), Mark Schafer, and Matthew Shake

Degree Program

School of Kinesiology, Recreation & Sport

Degree Type

Master of Science


Bingocize® has been established as an effective falls prevention exercise program for older adults, but its effects on older adults residing in assisted-living facilities have not been examined. The purpose of this investigation was to assess the effects of Bingocize® on overall physical activity level, functional performance, blood glucose level, sleep quantity and quality in older adults who live in assisted-living facilities. Participants (N = 13; mean age 86.23 ± 3.90) were asked to participate in Bingocize® while wearing activity trackers (Fitbit Charge 3 HR) for 10 weeks. The activity trackers were used to assess the average number of steps taken, sleep quantity, and quality before, after 5 and 10 weeks of Bingocize®. Additionally, participants’ functional performance, blood glucose level, sleep quantity, and quality were examined pre, mid, and post intervention. While there were no statistically significant improvements in any of the variables with the exception of blood glucose level (F 2, 22 = 3.086; p = 0.007; η2 = 0.363; N-B = 0.850), they trended towards improvement after 10 weeks of Bingocize®. In conclusion, Bingocize® can be an effective exercise program for older adults who live in assisted-living facilities, but it may need to be implemented for a longer period of time to yield statistically significant improvements.


Exercise Science | Health Services Research | Other Kinesiology | Public Health Education and Promotion