AnnaMary Frank

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William Pfohl, Daniel Roenker, John O'Connor


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Department of Psychology

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Master of Arts


A sample of at-risk children age 3 years, 0 months to 5 years, 11 months was obtained through Bowling Green, Kentucky Head Start Programs and the University of Louisville Child Evaluation Center. At-risk was determined by a child having a developmental delay as measured on the Denver Developmental Screening Test. The 60 children who met the criteria for at-risk were then administered the Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children (K-ABC). Data were analyzed by correlating subtest scores with total scale scores, resulting in an indicator of internal consistency which provides partial evidence of a test’s construct validity. For both the Mental Processing Scale and the Achievement Scale, evidence of construct validity was found with this sample. Findings were consistent with prepublication researcher on the K-ABC.


Child Psychology | Psychology | Social and Behavioral Sciences