Patricia Hodges

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Vera Guthrie, Imogene Simpson


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Master of Library Science


The Manuscript Division of the Kentucky Library concentrates on acquiring primary source materials of a local and a regional nature. The manuscript collections are important to scholars in the study of all phases of historical documentation, such as the political, economic, social, cultural, geographical, intellectual, and religious activities of an area.

There are many problems involved in a scholar’s locating the materials which are relevant to his research. National guides have been published to aid the researchers, but because of the limitations imposed on scope and depth, they have still left a vast vacuum for many scholars.

The compilation of A Guide to the Holdings of the Manuscript Division of the Kentucky Library is an attempt to open up new horizons to individuals interested in primary source materials on many subjects and many regions, but special emphasis has been placed upon materials concerning south central Kentucky and Kentucky. The needs of the local scholars are of primary importance in determining the goals of the Guide, but it gives any qualified researcher an opportunity to evaluate the content of the manuscript collections. In this manner, a researcher can obtain, through consulting the Guide, a preliminary introduction to, or a hint of, some of the areas open and accessible for study, or can determine whether specific items and specific information are available to satisfy a particular interest.


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