Melayna Nance

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Carley Dodd, Larry Caillouet, Larry Winn


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Original department Communication & Theatre

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Department of Communication

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Master of Arts


Based upon a t-Test and two-way analysis of variance, the study of the relationship between teacher training of graduate teaching assistants and student achievement in fundamental speech courses revealed significant findings on four levels. (1) Significant differences were found in competency scores between students taught by teacher trained graduate teaching assistants and students taught by graduate teaching assistants without training. (2) Teacher training was not shown to have a significant effect upon student satisfaction. (3) Fundamentals of Speech students were shown to be significantly more satisfied with their instructors and course than Business and Professional Speaking students. (4) Multiple classification analysis revealed a useful prediction tool for projecting student performance on competency measurements based upon teacher training of instructor and course

Possible applications of the study are of interest to both the speech student and the instructor of basic speech courses. The need for further empirical research in the area is apparent.


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