Gilbert Woodall

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Wayne Higgins, David Dunn, Thomas Nicholson


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Original department Health & Safety

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Department of Public Health

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Master of Science


The number of visits to an in-house industrial medical clinic, of absences in three categories, and of late arrivals Found in 1,605 employees of an automobile assembly plant were compared on the sex, race, age, department, and shift characteristics of the employees. Less than 16 percent of the workforce was found to account for over 50 percent of the medical visits. Those 235 Frequent visitors were found to have significantly more absence in every category and in tardiness compared to the rest of the plant population. The frequent visitors who completed a health risk appraisal had significantly greater health risk compared to a responding sample of nonfrequent visitors. Measured potential for intervention was also greater, but significant only to the p < 0.20 level.


Business | Human Resources Management | Medicine and Health Sciences | Occupational Health and Industrial Hygiene | Performance Management | Public Health