Mary Forbes

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Elizabeth Jones, Vicki Stayton, Frank Kerstin


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Department of Psychology

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Specialist in Education


This study was conducted to determine school psychologists’/psychometrists’ perspective, competency, and training pertaining to their training and work experience with infants, toddlers and preschool children with disabilities and their families. Survey response were analyzed which included responses for 142 school psychologists/psychometrists. Results of this study indicated that school psychologists work and are trained more in preschool services than infant and toddler services. There was a significant positive correlation between respondents skill and confidence level. Respondents’ reported skill level for specific preschool services was within the “adequate” range, and confidence level was reported with the “confident” range. In terms of infants and toddlers, respondents’ reported skill level for specific infant and toddler services was within the “limited” range, with their confidence in the “somewhat confident” range. Respondents valued the training that they did receive, but indicated that their training was not as adequate compared to respondent’s perceived need. Respondents also reported specific areas for further training. Implications for service delivery and training of school psychologists are discussed.


Psychology | School Psychology | Social and Behavioral Sciences