Alayna McDade

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Carl Meyers, Melissa Hakman, Carrie Pritchard


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Department of Psychology

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Specialist in Education


Only a few research studies have evaluated the use of Social Stories on preschool children with autism, and those studies reported mixed results. There does not appear to be any research that has specifically evaluated if the type of target behavior is a primary factor in the effectiveness of a Social Story. The present study compared social versus behavioral concerns on the effectiveness of Social Stories. Parents implemented Social Stories with three 4-year-old males with mild levels of autism. Social and behavioral target behaviors were addressed for each participant. The data revealed positive effects on both social and behavioral target behaviors for two of the three participants. Little to no improvements occurred for either type of target behavior for the third participant. These results are similar to previous findings in that the effectiveness of Social Stories is inconsistent. The reason for this inconsistency is still not known. The findings from the current study indicate that Social Stories can be effective for both social target behaviors and behavioral target behaviors; thus, ruling out the type of target behavior as the determinant factor in the outcome of Social Story interventions. More research is needed to determine the variables that make a Social Story effective for preschool children with autism.


Child Psychology | Education | Psychology | Social and Behavioral Sciences | Special Education and Teaching