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Carl Myers, Sarah Bonis, Amanda Thorn

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Department of Psychology

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Specialist in Education


TBI is the leading cause of childhood injury, death, and disability. School psychologists play a key role in providing students with TBI services within the school setting; therefore, it is essential for school psychologists to be familiar with TBI research. Previous research indicates a lack of TBI literature within school psychology journals. The current review examined TBI publications in school psychology journals over the past 38 years to provide an update on issues raised by Smith and Canto (2015). Eight school psychology journals were examined to gather data about the frequency of articles related to TBI, types of TBI articles, and topics discussed. The frequency of publications was analyzed which highlighted the discrepancy between the number of children impacted by TBI and the research within school psychology journals. The review includes a comparison between empirical and nonempirical articles related to TBI. Results also found that testing and recommendations are the most prevalent topics within TBI-related articles. Limitations and implications are discussed.


Education | Educational Psychology | Psychology | School Psychology | Social and Behavioral Sciences | Special Education and Teaching