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This project is the result of a yearlong study documenting the comparative effectiveness of two homework assessment schemes. While both schemes assess completeness and accuracy, one scheme was more traditional and one was more nontraditional in nature. The more traditional method required students to complete homework assignments that were constructed from problems found in the textbook that accompanied the course. These assignments were monitored and were checked weekly for accuracy. The non-traditional method utilized the on-line assessment tool called Math XLR. The effectiveness of these two methods was compared through analysis of differences in student persistence on homework, student performance on tests, and final course grades. After analyzing the material, this study suggested that using MathXLR as a tool versus the traditional book and paper/pencil method does not lead to significant increases in persistence or success. Thus, it seems that using Math XLR should be a personal choice of the instructor for the purpose of convenience. The study concludes with a discussion of findings and study limitations, as well as suggestions for future research.


Curriculum and Instruction | Education