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Department of Biology

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Master of Biology


Many believe community-based ecotourism (CBE) can assist in conservation efforts and community development; however, little research has been done to assess the potential of CBE in a specific region. As part of a large, long-term, international research project, I define three problematic areas that may impede successful CBE efforts in the Kasigau location of southeast Kenya: bushmeat utilization, community attitudes and wildlife abundance. Samples of meat purchased from butcheries and meat markets are identified to species using molecular analysis, community attitudes are ascertained via written social surveys and transect sampling methods are used to determine the relative abundance and diversity of wildlife on Maungu Ranch in Kasigau. Through these three separate analyses a clear picture of problematic issues facing CBE in Kasigau becomes clear. This study provides valuable baseline data that can be used in future research to determine the impacts of CBE in the region.


Economics | Medical Sciences