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Department of Chemistry

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Master of Chemistry


A new solid phase extraction procedure (SPE) for the removal of atrazine and three respective metabolites including deisopropylatrazine, desethylatrazine, and didealkylatrazine from aqueous samples is presented. Octadecyl bonded silica (C18) is widely used in analytical preconcentration schemes. While C18 presents a facile method of analyte removal, a new approach is needed to achieve greater trapping for polar analytes. In this study strong cationic exchange (SCX) resins consisting of sulfonated polystyrene are investigated for their extraction capabilities of the selected analytes. By exploiting acid-base and pi-pi interactions the analytes are trapped and therefore extracted from aqueous samples. Salt solutions are used to remove these analytes through cation exchange from the sorbent. Percent recovery of atrazine and its metabolites was determined by high performance liquid chromatography. Comparison of SCX resins to commercially available Clg resin was determined to assess the benefits of this novel technique. Strong cation exchange resins investigated include SCX-2, Dowex 50WX2- 400, Dowex 50WX4-400, and Dowex 50WX8-400.



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