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Master of Industrial and Organizational Psychology


Virtually all organizations are concerned about employee safety and the prevention of workplace accidents, but maybe unaware that most accidents are the cause of unsafe employee behaviors. In this study, one company in particular wanted to know where, when, how, and why accidents were occurring in its plant. Accidents of the past three years were content analyzed. The results show that 87.4% of the accidents were due to unsafe behaviors. The highest absolute frequency of accidents occurs in the die cast area, while the highest relative rate of accidents occurs in the furnace room. The type of accident that occurs with the highest frequency is lacerations and the highest rate of accidents occurs during the first shift. The accident analysis can now serve as the basis for the development of a behavioral safety training program. With its implementation, a behavioral safety program has the potential to save thousands of dollars and give the workers a safer environment in which to work.


Industrial and Organizational Psychology