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Master of Arts


This thesis is a narrative of eleven World War II veterans from a small, rural southern town, Lewisburg, Kentucky. It is a brief description of the development of Lewisburg and of one family in particular, the Richardsons. The thesis follows the lives of the G.I.s from their youths, through their military careers, their lives after the war and their eventual return to Logan County. Primarily, most of the material is taken from oral taped interviews. Heretofore, none of these experiences have been recorded. Actions of valor and courage are preserved in the plain, unadorned stories of the veterans. This thesis reflects the impact of World War II on Lewisburg and on the lives of those interviewed. It also reflects how their early lives prepared them for the rigors of the war and of their eventual return to their roots, to Logan County.


History | Military History | United States History