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Dr. Anne Rinn (Director),Dr. Carl Myers,Dr. Lakeisha Meyer

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Department of Psychology

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Specialist in Education


The current study investigates the relationship between social support and the social self-concepts of gifted adolescents. Participants include 245 gifted students who had completed the fifth through the tenth grade during the previous academic year. Social self-concept was measured using the Self-Description Questionnaire II (Marsh, 1990). Social support was measured using the Child and Adolescent Social Support Scale (Malecki & Demaray, 2002). Results indicate multiple relationships between perceived social support and social self-concept, as well as a significant gender difference for the frequency of close friend social support. No gender differences were found for the parent, teacher, classmate, or school social support scores. Conclusions and implications for education and counseling are discussed.


Psychology | Social Psychology | Student Counseling and Personnel Services