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Department of Psychology

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Education Specialist


This project was conducted to validate the survey used by the American Association of University Women in the study of sexual harassment in the schools, for use in studying the behaviors of juvenile sexual offenders in schools. The original survey was modified to decrease bias in the questions and eliminate questions that did not pertain to information that may be significant for juvenile sexual offenders. The project solicited information from juvenile sexual offenders (n=9) and experts (n=6) in the field of juvenile sexual offending to validate and modify the survey to better look at juvenile sexual offender behaviors in schools. Juvenile sexual offenders and experts reviewed the survey, provided written responses to questions about the survey, and participated in an openended interview with the researcher. Twenty percent of the survey was modified per review suggestions. Modifications were made in the area of how an adolescent who was participating in sexual harassment was feeling and motivators for those actions. Both the juvenile sexual offenders and experts validated the use of the survey as a tool to look at juvenile sexual offender behavior in the schools. Results are discussed, and recommendations for further study are noted.


Education | Psychology