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Department of Kinesiology, Recreation and Sport

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Master of Science


The purpose of this study is to identify potential recreational activity interests of Hopkins County middle school students, thereby assisting the Hopkins County Family YMCA in teen program development. In addition, the study investigates potential constraints these students encounter. One hundred and twenty-five students from four public middle schools participated in the recreation needs assessment. The recreation needs assessment instrument consisted of five activity categories (arts and crafts activities; dance, drama, and music activities; literary activities; nature activities; and sports and games). Category activity selections were limited to those activities the Hopkins County Family YMCA was willing and/or capable of offering considering current human, facility, and fiscal resources. Overall, the adolescent's selected photography, basketball, and modern dance lessons as the top three recreational activities. The assessment's findings also indicated the number one reason for nonparticipation in after school or weekend recreation activities is "I'm too busy to participate" regardless of gender.


Education | Sports Sciences