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Emergent literacy may be described as the process of learning about the environment that leads to the development of meaning and concepts, including concepts about the functions of reading and writing. Research supports certain practices that promote emergent literacy in young children, and federal legislation outlines requirements for Head Start programs with regard to specific activities that should be promoted to enhance children's emergent literacy skills. This study asked teachers from 318 Head Start programs in the Southeast United States to complete a survey that asked specific questions targeting the emergent literacy practices used in classrooms, as well as familiarity with recent Head Start legislation and knowledge of suggested practices to promote literacy. Two hundred teachers completed and returned the surveys. The percentages of teachers utilizing recommended practices in the Head Start classrooms are provided in this study. Data analysis also revealed that there is a significant correlation between a respondent's tendency to incorporate more practices into her classroom and her familiarity with the Head Start Act of 1998.


Education | Psychology