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Department of Psychology

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Master of Arts


The current study examined the non-skeptic view of paranormal belief, suggesting that belief in the paranormal does not indicate psychopathology. This study examines the non-pathological personality traits present in paranormal believers by using a broad personality test. One hundred and one participants completed the Paranormal Belief Scale (PBS) and the Personality Research Form (PRF) in order to examine the differences among the personality traits of high and low paranormal believers. High and low paranormal belief was determined by the participants overall score on the Paranormal Belief Scale. The results indicated that there were only two significant personality differences among high and low paranormal believers. High believers scored significantly higher on the PRF scales of Aggression and Defendence. However, there were no differences on any other scales. The current results indicate that high and low believers do not differ on traits considered non-pathological.


Folklore | Psychology