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Department of Sociology

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Master of Arts


The purpose of this research was to uncover differences in attitudes among Protestant denominations concerning euthanasia. Variations in attitudes were viewed using social theories of religion by Emile Dukheim, Max Weber, Charles Glock, and Rodney Stark. These theories were used to establish a basis for variation among the Protestant denominations on social issues. A questionnaire was given to four Protestant Churches in a mid-sized city in Kentucky during the Spring of 1999. The sample of 134 respondents represented six different Protestant denominations. Logistic regression and factor analysis were used to analyze the data. Results suggest that pro-euthanasia attitudes are positively correlated to educational attainment, experience with a dying friend, and association with liberal denominations. The results also suggest that pro-euthanasia attitudes are negatively correlated with religiosity and political conservativism.


Philosophy | Religion | Sociology